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Prior to his diagnosis, Alex was a regular kid in elementary school who loved to be active, enjoyed BMX biking, and had a talent for making the people around him laugh. In his downtime, he loved to play on his XBOX, sing, and dance. He is the only child to his loving parents, Tammy and Jeff, who have been by his side continuously since receiving the worst news any parent can imagine. 

Alex was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma and is being treated at Kaiser. Treatment for Rhabdo is brutal and requires 42-54 weeks of treatment. He will be between the hospital and home for the entire time of treatment.

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Alex loves to dress up and try out different professions. He loves everything military, tying knots with rope, and shooting his nerf guns (thank you Escondido police officers, Craig Miller and Joseph Putulowski!). Thanks to the generous donations of our Savvy Givers, we were able to give Alex a fun, streamlined space that allows this 10 year old to heal and grow.

Our SGBD treasurer, Stacy Fiske, felt a personal connection to Alex, as her husband Rick is a Navy Seal. We set up a few visits for Alex with some navy seals who told him that all the fighting he is doing now means he is ready for anything and is a tough young man.


Alex's Room Reveal Video:

Although we realize Alex was excited to see his room, he was in a lot of pain on reveal day and was heading back  to the hospital for pain management and radiation treatments. We can’t wait for Alex to feel better to fully enjoy his space.



What a huge ray of sunshine during this dismal period of Alex’s life. Here is the video reveal, tears and all. We truly can’t thank these folks enough. Alex delayed going back to the hospital for this, he was not going to miss it for anything!!!
— Tammy Rach, Alex's Mom
Alex Update: he is on a lot of pain medication and quite sleepy, but perks right up every time someone new walks into his hospital room and tells them ALL about his new room and every single item in it. Then grabs my phone to show them photos and goes through specific details again. I explained how different people donated items for his room within minutes of you posting them and he was in awe. I wish you could see the sparkle in his eyes as he retells all the details from the entire week, what each worker did and how special each item is. It means the world to all of us!!!