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Meet Cadence:


Meet Cadence. Cadence is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura which is a critical bleeding condition where her platelet levels consistently remain under 10,000.

Her illness means that her blood has extremely limited clotting abilities - this puts her at risk for not just external injuries, but internal hemorrhaging, brain injuries and swelling and gastrointestinal complications.

A small stomach ache can signal a gastrointestinal bleed and means a trip to the emergency room. A headache can indicate brain swelling and needs immediate attention. A bruised elbow requires constant monitoring. Every bump is a source of stress and worry for her loved ones.

Cadence’s family monitors her closely every single day for evidence of bleeds. If she wakes up with a bruise, or splotchy marks on her skin,  it can mean a trip to the hospital for infusions to bring her platelet levels up. Often, the process of an infusion leads to other infections and complications, which can lead to long hospital stays for Cadence and her family.

As a result, Cadence has limited exposure to external activities and her families daily goal is to keep her safe and protect her from bumps. A tall order for any sweet and bubbly five year old.

Cadence is home schooled due to the severity of her condition, and spends a LOT of time in her room. With so much exposure to hospital stays and blood infusions she has developed a lot of anxiety about hospitals, needles and transfusions and her family works hard to make her daily activities as normal as possible.

Cadence was so excited to meet us and show us her favorite colors, toys and ideas for her room. She loves unicorns and butterflies and plays piano. She adores her big brother Jayden. At Savvy Giving by Design, Tampa, we are thrilled to be able to create a dreamy space where she can rest and feel safe. Please consider contributing to our project as we design rooms for these kids to grow in.

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