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Cate, Collin + Liam


Cate was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on August 7, 2015, just weeks before she was set to begin kindergarten. The news came as an extreme shock to her family as she had always been a healthy little girl. In fact, just days prior, she had been learning to surf. Cate is the kind of girl who can be found barreling down the sidewalk on her big wheel while wearing a pink tutu and boots. She's just as fond of digging in the dirt and playing with bugs as she is enjoying a pampering manicure or dressing up in sparkly jewelry. She loves playing games with her two brothers and her best friend in the world is her 97-pound lab, Sam, who has been a continuous source of support.


Cate is an artist and practicing her art has been a healing therapy for her throughout her journey. While the side-effects of medications may have left her feeling tired, sad, or quiet, she would often find comfort in painting or drawing. When she is asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she responds, "a painter." We tricked out Cate's new room with art supplies, a drafting table, and bright colors and patterns to be inspired by.


Cate, Collin and Liam's Room Reveal Video: