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Meet Finn:

Image courtesy of  Kelly Szarek Photography

Image courtesy of Kelly Szarek Photography

Image courtesy of  Kelly Szarek Photography

Image courtesy of Kelly Szarek Photography

Meet Finn. Finn loves music, dancing, playing with his brother and all things Lego. He is five years old and in August of 2018 was diagnosed with a rare form of Ewing’s Sarcoma. Finn is a fighter with a team of super heroes behind him, and they are battling this cancer together.

What started as some back pain quickly progressed to impact Finn’s mobility and within a short period he was having difficulty walking. A flurry of doctor’s visits, hospital stays and tests showed that Finn had a tumor on his spine. He had emergency surgery which removed a portion of the tumor, but within two weeks the tumor had grown back and was compressing part of his spine. Finn has now had two surgeries, three rounds of chemo and two blood transfusions. He will face a continued aggressive treatment program to target this aggressive tumor.

When we met Finn he was at home, recovering from a hospital stay. While he carefully and quietly put together a complicated lego, his brother, Declan, gave us a crash course in dinosaurs, legos and all things Jurassic World.

Finn uses a walker as he regains mobility after his spine surgeries. He showed us his current room and the room he and Declan use as a play space. We met his favorite stuffed animal ‘Barky’ who has been traveling this journey with him. He is a sweet, thoughtful, smart and brave little man.

Currently the boys have been bunking down in their Mom and Dad’s room. It’s overwhelming to them to be battling this unknown ‘thing’ we call cancer, and they currently call their room “the room we used to sleep in.” Thanks to the ongoing support of our Savvy Giving community we will make them a new space inspired by Finn's favorite color - 'Golden', super heroes, star wars, and with special shelves for his legos. 

They deserve a new space to rest, recover and play together - one that they are excited to come home to each night. Bonus points if everyone gets some rest.


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