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Meet Gabby:

Gabby’s mom sent over this story of Gabby’s journey, diagnosis, and treatment plan:

Our beautiful 22 month old daughter Gabrielle was taken to her pediatrician on 11/29/18 after her daycare noticed a hard lump on her right side. Our pediatrician was concerned and sent us right away to ER. Shortly after, we were told that Gabby had a cancerous mass on her liver and that we would be admitted to the hospital that night. That was the night that our whole world changed.


Over the next week, after tests and a biopsy, Gabby was officially diagnosed with high-risk stage 4 neuroblastoma. At the time of her diagnosis she had absolutely no symptoms aside from the small lump on her side. She was happy,  playful, sleeping well, eating well and had no fevers. That is why we were so entirely shocked when we were told that the cancer had already spread throughout her entire body. She has two large tumors in her abdomen, near her liver and kidney, as well as 5-6 smaller tumors in her lungs, several tumors beneath her lungs and a bone lesion on her right temple.

Then we got some more scary news. After a body scan, radiologists quantify the amount of disease throughout the patient’s body & Gabby was assigned a score of 29/30… practically the highest score possible, meaning the neuroblastoma had spread throughout her entire body. This news was terrifying, and it still keeps us up at night.


We’ve been told that these initial numbers aren’t as important as the numbers after her induction chemo when it comes to prognosis. But when we are starting at such extremely elevated values and trying to get down to 0, it seems very daunting. We have searched and searched for success stories that start out like ours, just to have some hope to cling to. The odds of our fight are scary,  with only 40-50% chance of surviving 5 years. And even if we do make it to remission she has a high chance of having severe,  lifelong health effects from the very toxic and aggressive treatment. 

For now, we are fighting this neuroblastoma with everything we’ve got. Our beautiful daughter is strong, and resilient. Her smile throughout everything she's been through is inspirational. There is hope. Thank you to everyone in this community for lifting us up and rooting for our beautiful daughter.

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