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Gideon’s Story:

Gideon was a typical, high energy, somewhat mischievous 5 year-old that had been in good health. After experiencing some unusual symptoms in May of 2015, multiple tests came back negative for leukemia and he was diagnosed with Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis (CRMO), a disease where the immune system wrongly attacks a child's healthy bones. Gideon's symptoms didn't improve with treatment for the CRMO and he suffered from chronic tiredness and intermittent fevers. Following routine blood work for the CRMO, Gideon's parents received the call that no parent wants to get - they had found lymphoblastic leukemia cells in his blood. Gideon's blood counts were dangerously low and he was immediately hospitalized and given blood and platelet transfusions. Additional testing confirmed his family's worst nightmare and Gideon was officially diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Needless to say, Gideon's family was devastated. The journey to recovery and healing, however, is a long and difficult one. Gideon's treatment will involves weekly trips to the hospital for medication and daily protocols at home.

To help Gideon feel like the super hero that he clearly is, his family dubbed him "Iron Gideon." Gideon's mom told us that he has been a trooper throughout all of this and rarely complains. Thanks to the generous donations from our Savvy Givers, we were able to give "Iron Gideon" an amazing room, fit for a super hero, where he could rest, recover and get back to the business of being an energetic little boy!