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Ivy, Greyson + Seb


Ivy was diagnosed at only 20 months old. Her first month of treatment was very hard on her, as she stopped talking all together, stopped walking, and couldn't even support herself sitting up from the weight gain of steroids. She missed out on a lot of essential toddler activities and had to rebuild her vocabulary. Her two older brothers were been severely affected as they were not used to mom or dad not being home while they took Ivy to treatment. Ivy has an old soul, says her mom Kelly, "...not sure if it is the trauma she has been through over the last year but she loves to observe and can hold conversations without even saying a word." 


Ivy loves shopping for shoes or dresses, loves her baby dolls and taking care of them (giving them their Meds daily too!), and her dog Lincoln. She is very outgoing, will often ask you to dance and loves to give kisses.


Ivy, Greyson and Sebastian's Room Reveal Video: