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Joshy's Room


Meet Joshy:


From Joshy’s Mom:

Joshua is an energetic 4 year old that loves to be silly, dance, play with toys and tablet, cook, and spend time with his 3 year old little brother and make his baby sister laugh.  

The day before Thanksgiving we took him to the doctor because of a droopy eye and back pain. The doctor immediately sent us to get an MRI scan that revealed Joshua had a large tumor in his chest behind his right lung. 

After lots of testing, Joshua was diagnosed with Stage 3 high-risk neuroblastoma.

His cancer is localized to one area, but an expert pathologist that looks at neuroblastoma cells said the types of cells he has are more aggressive and need to be treated with the high-risk protocol in case there are cancer cells in other places in his body.  We are 4 months into his cancer treatment journey, he has been so brave and such a trooper.

He has already undergone an emergency surgery to remove part of the tumor near his spinal cord, surgery to remove the tumor, had multiple other minor surgeries, 5 rounds of chemotherapy, and lots of unexpected hospital stays and blood transfusions.  

Joshua still has almost a year of treatment left to include: another round of chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, radiation, and immunotherapy.

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