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Kaylee + Drew

Kaylee's Story:

Princess Kaylee was only two and a half years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. When we met her, she had 2.5 years of treatment ahead of her. Kaylee's story hits especially close to home in our tight-knit community. Her mother, Kelly, is an oncology nurse at Rady Children's Hospital. In fact, she was one of the dedicated nurses who so wonderfully cared for Savvy Giving by Design's very first recipient, Kasey Harvey. Kelly is not the only hero in this family. Kaylee's father, Jared, is a local CHP officer who keeps our streets safe.

Jared and Kelly have two beautiful children. Their son Drew is 5 years-old and daughter Kaylee will turn 3 in August. Kaylee's diagnosis, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, turned this family's world upside down. While her prognosis is, thankfully, very good (with a 93% cure rate), the treatment will be incredibly arduous. Kaylee is faced 2.5 years of ongoing treatment with periods of intense chemotherapy followed by "maintenance" chemo. As hard as it is to believe, Kaylee's treatment will not be complete until she is 5 years-old and preparing to enter kindergarten.

Given the ongoing and onerous treatment regimen that Kaylee faced, Savvy Giving by Design knew that she needed a beautiful and comfortable room. We incorporated Kaylee's favorite colors (pink and purple) and turned her fantasies into reality by installing a built-in castle bed that makes her room feel magical and shows this little girl that anything is possible.


Kaylee's Room Reveal Video: