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Meet Keely:

keely's room san diego savvy giving by design room makeover nonprofit

From Keely’s Family:

In August of 2018, 12 year-old Keely was diagnosed with osteosarcoma after excruciating leg pain led doctors to discover a 4.5" tumor in her upper tibia. Keely had always been an active, talented, and athletic girl who was involved in a multitude of activities and was looking forward to starting 7th grade.

Keely's treatment plan has involved multiple rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and additional chemotherapy. Each time she received the chemo, she was admitted to the hospital for multiple days so that doctors could monitor her health before releasing her to go home. Since beginning chemo, Keely has endured multiple difficult side-effects, including significant weight loss, mouth sores, hair loss, and high fevers.

Keely has traveled to UC Davis in Sacramento for a very rare surgery to save the nerve function in her leg with a surgical amputation. This Rotationplasty will graft the foot/ankle joint back on to her leg so when she wears a prosthetic, she can have some joint use. There are only a select few surgeons that offer this surgery and they wait day to day currently to make sure the wound is healing correctly. Each dressing change is done under full anesthesia and chemotherapy will further compromise her healing. Keely needs a new room that will accommodate her mobility issues and allow her some independence as she copes with this amputation and fighting cancer. 

As Keely begins her recovery, we would love to give her the room of her dreams. Please consider donating to our fund so that Keely and other children like her can enjoy a beautiful, relaxing and functional room in which they can heal and feel lifted up by our generous community of Savvy Givers.

Keely's room san diego savvy giving by design room makeover nonprofit
Keely's room savvy giving by design san diego room makeover interior design nonprofit


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