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When Kimi was just 4 years-old, she was diagnosed with stage 4, high risk, neuroblastoma. That was 7 years ago and this brave young girl is still fighting for her life. Since her diagnosis, Kimi has endured multiple surgeries, countless doses of chemotherapy, extensive radiation, a stem cell transplant, various immunotherapy treatments, and several blood transfusions. The side-effects of these treatments have included severe nausea, pain, hair loss, and discomfort. While the treatments have proven successful, Kimi’s cancer has recurred twice and each time it becomes more difficult to effectively treat.

Despite her difficult prognosis and treatment protocols, Kimi has maintained a positive outlook and an unwavering fighting spirit. She seems determined to spread joy and hope to other children who are facing similar circumstances. When she is in-patient, her hospital room is filled with laughter, singing, and practical jokes. She loves to set up a nail salon and treat her doctors and nurses to manicures and she even manages to convince many of them to sing karaoke on demand.

When Kimi is well enough to be home, she loves to take ballet classes and guitar lessons and enjoys boogie boarding at the beach. This girl is a serious adrenaline junkie as she loves rock-climbing and roller coasters and has dreams of bungee jumping and skydiving!


  • Harry Potter meets Star Trek

  • Sewing kit and materials

  • Comfy places to read






I am struggling to find the words to adequately express how grateful Kimi and I are for the amazing new room makeover. Thank you just does not seem sufficient. It was a truly magical day as Kimi experienced the big reveal. She was blown away by how special it was and it easily far exceeded both our expectations. I am so grateful to Susan Wintersteen for all her love, generosity, and talent. She and Kimi met a few weeks ago to talk about design ideas for the room. I could tell right away that they had made an instant connection. Susan encouraged her to dream big and be creative. That’s how we got Harry Potter meets Star Trek.meets Girl Power. It is absolutely beautiful. They make quite a team!! Susan is a gift to all these warrior kids. A special thank you to Susan’s amazing team who overcame quite a few hurdles today to get the room completed. You all are amazing.

Thank you to all generous SGBD sponsors and donors who helped to make this spectacular room a reality. My daughter Kimi has been battling cancer for over 7 years. She has been through so much. In ll this time, her room has always been a hodge-podge of second-hand or hand-me-downs. For her to now have this special oasis to call her own, a beautiful garden of healing, is beyond priceless. I am humbled by how much joy this has brought to Kimi. I did not get any good pictures as I was truly relishing the excitement and living in the moment. Can’t wait to see all the pictures and videos. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— Peter, Kimi's Dad