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Lauren + Ty

Lauren's Story:

In February 2016, we were introduced to a wonderful family, The Mullins Family. After what they thought was an unexplained illnesses, their daughter Lauren (14) was diagnosed with colon cancer, a rare cancer in children. Having no family history, a diagnosis of cancer was totally unexpected. Lauren was a perfectly healthy, active 14 year old who went to school one morning (Feb 2015) & in the afternoon was in the school nurse's office with abdominal pain. Staff immediately knew something was wrong & Lauren was transferred to Rady Children's Hospital.

At Rady's Lauren went through multiple procedures to find out the problem & was inpatient from Feb-Mar 2015. Lauren underwent many appointments & surgeries to repair a kidney problem that was discovered. Lauren wasn't fully bouncing back to her normal self. In August 2015, just days before starting her Freshman year of high school, Lauren was diagnosed with cancer. Lauren had multiple tumors in her colon & one of those tumors was thought to have perforated her bowel wall in Feb causing the initial hospital stay. Her tumor also involved her ovaries & uterus as well. Lauren tested positive for a rare genetic abnormality called Constitutional Mismatch Repair Deficiency Syndrome which puts her at high risk for developing multiple types of cancer in her lifetime. It also places her siblings & us as her parents at high risk for developing cancer in our lifetime. 

Lauren had surgery Feb 17, 2016 to remove her ovaries, uterus and colon with further treatment ahead of her. Her bravery, beauty and poise took our breath away as we met with her. We couldn't wait to get started on this dream room to help her recover and give her a peaceful, comfortable space to maximize her healing. 

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