Savvy Giving by Design

Luke + Kya


Meet Luke the Brave. At 9 years old he is nearing the end of a grueling cancer treatment for Osteosarcoma locally in San Diego.

In November 2014 Luke had a nosebleed, no biggie. He had a couple more and Mom & Dad took him to the doctor. They determined the nose bleeds were caused by a mass was growing and pressing on his nasal cavity. After lots of tests, surgeries, biopsies, and other not fun activities they determined that a mass was indeed malignant - Osteosarcoma of the sino-nasal cavity and/or skull base - a rare place for sarcoma to develop.


  • Gaming center
  • Gamer chairs
  • Video game artwork
  • Reds, blues, legos, gaming chairs.


Every night this fall, I have been snuggling with kya in her queen bed. We lay there in the dark telling mother-daughter secrets and stories and then she falls asleep safe and secure and I sneak out. She had been having trouble sleeping but I was able to lay with her the last 2 months thanks to Savvy Giving and calm her fears. The effects on f cancer on a family sneak up in places like sleep. I know it’s been over a year, but the gift of Luke and Kya’s rooms is never lost on me. You are a gift to us Susan and Savvy giving. ❤❤
— Michelle Sybert, Luke and Kya's Mom