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Meet Megan:

Megan Bugg is a 17 year-old young woman who lives outside of Chicago, Illinois. She was diagnosed with stage 4 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer, when she was 13 and has endured multiple recurrences of the disease. Megan has been a brave and outspoken advocate for children with cancer and we plan to assist an amazing designer in her area with designing and installing the room of Megan's dreams.

Since her diagnosis in December of 2014, Megan has been through 90 weeks of intense chemotherapy, over 100 radiation treatments, and three surgeries. She has also experienced countless side effects including severe nausea, hair loss, nerve damage, bone pain, and many other chronic difficulties.

While enduring an unimaginable amount of physical and emotional hardship, Megan has still found the time and energy to raise awareness about childhood cancers and address the abysmal lack of funding that is currently dedicated to researching better treatments for children with cancer.

In her own words,

"A child is not supposed to have bags and bags of chemo. They are also not ready to have multiple rounds of radiation. But I see it every single day at my hospital and it absolutely breaks my heart. NO child deserves to have cancer and NO child ever deserves to die from this terrible disease.  My passion is to not only fight my own personal battle, but to help raise awareness and funding for all children like me who are fighting this awful fight."

We are inspired by Megan's passion and by the fighting spirit we have been in every single child we have met since we began this organization. We feel strongly that helping as many children as we can, regardless of their location, is the ultimate way that we can share what the Savvy Giving mission is all about. We hope you will support us in expanding the reach of our generous and supportive community so that we can provide a beautiful space to heal for Megan and other children across the country.

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