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Introducing SGBD Tampa Chapter: Meet Kylie Ponton of Ponton Interiors

kylie ponton interior design savvy giving chapter tampa florida

In an ongoing effort to build a coalition of designers committed to giving back to children with their talents, we are honored to announce our third chapter affiliate in Tampa, Florida.

Give a warm, savvy welcome to Chapter President, Kylie Ponton of Ponton Interiors. Here's a little more about Kylie and her passion for joining us here.

Kylie's Story:

"My name is Kylie Ponton, and I am an NCIDQ licensed Interior Designer based in Tampa, Florida. My portfolio of work spans various specialties, from luxury residential construction to boutique commercial projects, and I find joy in designing one of a kind details that bring inspiration to interiors. My degrees in Communications and Interior Design have led me to create a design process that is both collaborative and creative, and I have been searching for a way to use those skills to give back to the community.  

kylie ponton interior design savvy giving by design tampa florida room makeovers childhood illness injury
Kylie with her college roommate, Sarah

Kylie with her college roommate, Sarah

Specifically, I’ve felt touched by friends and family members' who have battled Cancer. One of the most inspiring people I know is my college roommate, Sarah, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Brain Cancer ten years ago. At that time, she was given 3-6 months to live, but she has been kicking Cancer's butt ever since. Many of the friends she made during her treatment process were children and teens and over the years she has shared their stories as well. Every story is filled with heartache and miracles, determination and love. Sarah started a very successful movement in my home Country, Australia, called Brainstorm for a Cure, raising money for research. She is my hero. She is a call to action.

Kylie and her family

Kylie and her family

As a mother of three, some of my favorite rooms to design are for kids. As soon as I heard about Savvy Giving By Design, I knew I had to help bring this to Florida. I can only imagine how rewarding it is to truly give a child a sanctuary in which to heal and dream. My hope is these spaces will give the children and their families hope, love and a touch of whimsy."

Send this link along to your Tampa friends and encourage them to join the local Facebook group to meet more deserving families, supply more fund-a-needs, and make a difference in their community. 

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Thank you to Dr. Eric Cotton of National Imaging Specialists/Vymed Diagnostic.
The Tampa Chapter of Savvy Giving by Design was made possible because of your generosity.