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Introducing SGBD New Jersey Chapter: Meet Anastasia Harrison of AHD & Co.

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In an ongoing effort to build a coalition of designers committed to giving back to children with their talents, we are honored to announce our chapter affiliate in New Jersey.

Give a warm, savvy welcome to Chapter leader, Anastasia Harrison of AHD & Co. in New Jersey. Here's a little more about Anastasia and her passion for joining us here.

Anastasia’s Story:

“My name is Anastasia Harrison.  I am the founder and principal designer for AHD & Co., an architectural interiors and design firm located in Westfield, NJ. The philosophy of our firm is to bring together the two worlds of architecture and interior design.  I started my firm with the intention of bringing quality construction and details to the interior plans for many luxury residential and boutique commercial projects.  

I believe that there is a greater purpose to what I do in my career.  Time and again, I have found that architecture and design can do more than just create beautiful spaces – beautiful design can bring great joy and great respite into the home.  

My ‘Why’

I have three daughters, two in college and one in high school. I am also a mother of a child with a rare connective tissue disorder, one that has resulted in many surgeries, physical therapy and years of challenge, I understand first-hand the challenges faced – and the emotional roller coaster experienced by -- both by the parents of children in medical crisis, and the children themselves.  I love to be able to use my design background to help these families.

During my own daughter’s illness, I had my “Village” of women who supported me emotionally and physically with all that we needed. Karen Fountain, is one of the women who was not only a friend, but also someone who understood our challenges, as she was dealing with her own daughter’s chronic illnesses. 

Anastasia and Karen, SGBD New Jersey Chapter Leaders

Anastasia and Karen, SGBD New Jersey Chapter Leaders

Meet Karen

Karen, a seasoned public health professional, and a dear friend, is the perfect complement to my architecture and design background.  Her career focus in the rare disease community, as well as her considerable connections with hospitals and medical professionals, brings a key component to our efforts.  And of course, our goals are completely in synch:  to brighten a child's life during an incredibly difficult time, and to bring some relief and joy not only to these children, but also to their parents and siblings.  

I met Susan Wintersteen though an Interior Designers social group that helps each other.  I completely fell in love with the dynamic energy behind Savvy Giving By Design.  Karen and I immediately knew it fulfilled our own desires to work on something greater than our own careers and to give back to our communities.   

We can provide support to others in our community by creating spaces for children that are in the middle of a health crisis.  We can bring them joy and allow parents and siblings to feel cared for as well.  We regularly engage with other colleagues and friends that want to volunteer their time, efforts and skills in supporting others.  So together with these same goals; and we can create healing spaces, with beautiful design, that bring a sense of love and respite into their home and helps them heal.“

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supply ‘fund-a-needs’, and make a difference in their community.

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