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Introducing SGBD Rhode Island Chapter: Meet Janelle Photopoulos of Blakely Interior Design

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In an ongoing effort to build a coalition of designers committed to giving back to children with their talents, we are honored to announce our fourth chapter affiliate in Rhode Island.

Give a warm, savvy welcome to Chapter President, Janelle Photopoulos of Blakely Interior Design. Here's a little more about Janelle and her passion for joining us here.

Janelle's Story:

"My name is Janelle and I am an interior designer with a firm based in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. After completing my undergraduate degree in marketing from Syracuse University, I spent many years in corporate America at Fortune 10 giant, AT&T. With a successful career in marketing (and three children) under my belt, I honored my true calling and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. I founded my design firm in 2010 and have built a support team that reflects my vision, commitment to our clients and our community. My portfolio includes an array residential projects with a specialty in luxury vacation properties.

As a mother of three children, I know I’d give my life to ensure the health and safety of my kids. Most parents would. There are mothers (and fathers) out there that have been given the life-altering news of their child’s diagnosis or of a catastrophic accident….and besides loving on their kids, there is little they can do. My hope is that through this organization, we can bring some hope to these families by creating an oasis in which to heal. These spaces will not only have a physical impact on their healing but an emotional one that is beyond measure.

Janelle & her Family

Janelle & her Family


For nearly two years I’ve been wanting to create an organization that allowed me to use my talents to benefit others. After learning of Project 3.8 and the Dorian Murray Foundation, which share the mission of increasing awareness and funding for pediatric cancer research, I knew there was an opportunity to help these children in a way they had yet to be impacted. The wheels were in motion when I heard Susan Wintersteen speak on A Well Designed Business Podcast about Savvy Giving by Design. 'Whoa! That’s exactly what I want to do here - and she’s already created it!' I was so excited! I immediately reached out to Susan and began the process of spreading the SGBD love on the East Coast.

Whimsical. Personal. Uplifting. Inspiring. These are just some of the words that come to mind as we begin our journey designing spaces for these deserving children. I not only look forward to creating spaces that feel utterly 'them' but also to bonding with these families in a time of need and being yet another source of joy in their worlds that have been turned upside down."

Send this link along to your Rhode Island friends and encourage them to join the local Facebook group to meet more deserving families, supply more fund-a-needs, and make a difference in their community.

Our organization runs on donations. To support the SGBD Rhode Island Chapter, please make a donation here!