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SGBD Tampa Hosts Designer Overstock Fundraiser!


As our organization grows, our favorite thing to see is how our Affiliate Chapter leaders bring incredible fundraising ideas to the table! This December, SGBD Tampa Chapter leader Kylie Ponton of Ponton Interiors hosted an Interior Designer Overstock Sale!

Here’s a recap from Kylie about the event, what they were able to accomplish, and what they look forward to in the upcoming months!

From SGBD Tampa Chapter Leader Kylie:

SGBD Tampa Chapter Overstock sale

“When other local designers started reaching out to me about Savvy Giving By Design, I figured it would be fun to get together for a quick afternoon coffee and fill them in on the Tampa chapter and how we hope to grow our community. 

I should have known if you put a bunch of designers in a room together the ideas would be flying thick and fast and by the end of the hour we had agreed to a mini fundraiser, and had secured a date, concept and location. 

With just 4 weeks to pull it together designers from seven different firms agreed on selling all of our overstock items that had been sitting around our warehouses, taking up space. Not only has Savvy Giving By Design been the most inspirational part of my design career to date, it has also pulled together a unique group of beautiful humans who all believe in Interior Design as collaboration versus competition. 


A sampling of the Designer Items for Sale:

We pulled together our best (and worst) warehouse leftovers and priced them to sell! Saturday, December 1st, brought perfect weather, a team of helpful mini designers (some of our kids came along), mimosas, bagels, coffee and of course, Boomerangs. 

With Special Thanks…

Thanks to the support of our community, local design firms, friends and family, we were able to raise over $4,000 with our sale and silent auction combined!

Special thanks to Lisa Gilmore Design for hosting and letting us take over the parking lot, as well as commercial and residential designer friends, Lisa Gilmore, Adriana Rojas, Jade Timmerman, Victoria Auger, Nicole Maldonado, Sharon Imbriani, Adrianna Ibarra and Alexa Abbate. I'm lucky to have you all on my team of Savvy Givers.”