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Meet Owen:

Owen was born a beautiful and healthy boy into a loving family.  Life began to change for him around 12 months.  His Doctor noticed his head was growing at a faster rate than expected. 

The testing began and eventually they discovered that sweet Owen had a brain tumor rapidly growing.  He began chemotherapy at 13 months.  At one time, they believed they had cured Owen's tumor but it returned and began growing again. 

Today Owen, four years old, is on oral chemotherapy two times daily.  We had encouraging news recently that his tumor had not grown more.  They are maintaining at this time.

With Owen's battle comes the challenges of autism and sensory sensitivities.  Owen is learning to communicate with pictures and hand commands.

Owen has a loving sister named Brylei.  She calls herself part of the "mom squad" and dotes on her little brother.  She is nine.

The room we are working on for Owen needs to be sensitive to his sensory needs and the way he needs to communicate with his family and therapists.  We are excited to help Owen and provide him with a room that will give him joy and help him heal.


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