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Ruby + Jun

Ruby's Room


Ruby's Story:

Ruby was a 15 year old, stellar, high-performing student/musician with many friends and loved by all family members. On July 24th of this year she had a severe headache at home and was taken to the emergency room at Kaiser. She was triaged and transported and admitted to Rady Children's Hospital where she was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in her brain which had hemorrhaged earlier that day.

She was transported to UCSD the next day for an interventional surgical procedure to stop the bleed. She spent the next few days back at Rady's in excruciating pain from the increased cranial pressure in her head which narcotics couldn't relieve. She underwent a procedure to install a drain in skull and failed to respond after to procedure.

A same-day craniotomy and resection of her AVM occurred a few hours later. She responded with finger movement after surgery for one day then didn't respond to verbal prompts or physical stimulation. Doctors didn't know why she wasn't waking up and numerous CT scans followed with MRI scans. She was the placed on a ventilator and underwent a tracheostomy and gastric tube surgery to help her breathe/eat.


Ruby in her Wheelchair

Ruby in her Wheelchair

Ruby remained in the pediatric ICU unit for one month then transferred to the rehab unit. Ruby started therapy as she was unable to speak, keep her eyes open or move independently. We transferred her to her wheelchair with a sling and hydraulic lift for many weeks. Arm movement and her ability to close her mouth followed weeks later after much therapy and her own will to improve.

Ruby and her family

Ruby and her family

She is working on learning how to swallow, walk and develop fine motor skills. Ruby will be discharged before Christmas and another transition will happen for our family from living at Rady's back to her family's home. Ruby has retained her cognitive abilities and sense of humor. She is thankful of her nurses and Rady's surgeons, doctors and compassionate toward other patients.


  • Lilac, Navy and Grey
  • Artwork with her favorite sheet music and lyrics
  • Wheelchair Accessible Desk Space and Closet
  • Light control




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