Savvy Giving by Design
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the SGBD Process

First, we meet a family:

Initially, most of our referrals came from people within our close-knit community. As word of our efforts has spread, we are getting to know families from all over San Diego County. We have seen that the connection between families who have children facing a serious medical crisis can be incredibly strong, so many of our referrals have come from families we have already helped. These families have seen the joy in their children’s eyes and have an overwhelming desire to pay it forward. Once we select a family, we meet with them to find out what their child’s interests, passions, favorite colors, and physical needs are. No two children are alike and we believe that their rooms should reflect their individuality.

Next, we plan with our team:

Our designers work together to create a vision for each room. Depending on the needs of the room, this may involve selecting paint, wallpaper, flooring, furniture, bedding, fabrics, window coverings, and decorative accents. When the design is complete, we collaborate with our contractors, who generously offer their time and materials at a deeply discounted rate. We also reach out to our fabulous vendors, many of whom donate their products (blankets, furniture, art, etc.) to us because they believe so firmly in our mission.

We rally our Savvy Givers:

As the designing and planning takes place, we simultaneously share the family’s story with our community of supporters. Through social media, advertising, and community events, we raise awareness of the adversity each family is facing. With these efforts, we inform our community of “Savvy Givers” of ways in which they can help us gather the funds and materials that we need to create the ultimate dream room for each child.

Reveal Day!

Finally, the day that we install the room arrives. What follows is difficult to put into words, but suffice it to say that “the big reveal” is what makes all of our hard work so satisfying and motivates us to take on projects for as many families as we possibly can. Professional photographers and videographers, working on a voluntary basis, capture the moment so that it can be shared with friends, loved ones, and the community that made it all possible.