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Savvy Giving by Design Soledad's room makeover

Soledad's Story:

Calling all Savvy Givers! It is our honor to introduce you to Soledad Albino, Savvy Giving by Design's next room recipient. Soledad is just 13 years-old and yet has already endured several tragedies in her life. When she was 5, she was forced to be separated from her mother due to immigration issues. She lived with her siblings and they made sure to reunite her with her mother for visits whenever possible.


In September of 2016, Soledad's mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which was extremely difficult news for Soledad to digest. Just two months later, in November, Soledad was diagnosed with a stage 3 Wilms Tumor, a cancer that starts in the kidney and had spread to her lungs. Both mother and daughter were in a fight for their lives and, sadly, they could not be together for their battles.

Soledad had major surgery and several radiation treatments to remove the remaining cancer cells. She is currently in recovery and is monitored every 3 months by oncologists at Rady Children's Hospital to be sure that the cancer is not recurring. She works regularly with physical therapists and occupational therapists to help her regain her strength and independence so that she can prepare to return to school.

Throughout her treatment, Soledad's brother and sister cared for both her and her mother and did everything they could to bring them together when possible. Thankfully, Soledad's mother got to see her complete her treatment. Yet tragically, she succumbed to ovarian cancer shortly thereafter and died on January 28, 2018.

Soledad is a spectacularly strong child who has suffered through several difficult hardships in her life. We would love to give her the room of her dreams. She needs and deserves a space where she can relax, reflect, and recover. We hope you will donate and help us cover the material costs of designing and installing a beautiful room for this amazing young girl.



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