Savvy Giving by Design

the SGBD Board

Susan Wintersteen

President, CEO

“One of my favorite quotes throughout the years,  ‘You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you’ has inspired me to LIVE  my life.”

Susan, a mother of 5 daughters,  founded Savvy Interiors in 2002 out of a passion for design and desire to find a creative outlet for her energies. As the business expanded over the years, she recently opened a local showroom, inSIDE by Savvy. Her love of children coupled with her talents has allowed her to give back in a way that is a meaningful contribution to children’s healing. Her children continue to inspire her daily.

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John Wintersteen


“I am thrilled at the opportunity to help enrich the lives of these families. The chance to bring a smile or some level of comfort to these kids and their families is hugely rewarding.”

As Savvy Interiors continued to grow, John joined Susan after a career in the software industry. John now uses his managerial and business background to help Susan manage Savvy’s business activities. As a licensed general contractor John also helps to oversee client projects.

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Stacy Fiske

CFO, Treasurer

“ I know we can make a big difference in the lives of children experiencing pain…sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference and aid in healing!”

Stacy is a Partner with Moms Making Six Figures where she helps women work from home to design the work life balance they so often seek.  She has a corporate background as a CPA and auditor and is also a mom to 5 kids.

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Jessica Schuster

Board Member

“ I can think of no better way to honor my late mother’s memory than to have a role in bringing comfort and a smile to a child who is facing a serious medical crisis.”

Jessica enjoyed a 12-year career as a criminal prosecutor, including 7 years as a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego’s family protection division.  She recently decided to take time off to focus on raising her two young children and contribute to her local community through SGBD.

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Susan Harvey

Board Member

“When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, our mantra became ‘Losing is not an option.’  It is critical that children facing a serious or life-threatening disease be given every possible resource to assist them in their journey.  Hope, optimism, and a nurturing environment can make a huge difference in a child’s quality of life during a difficult time.

Susan’s 14 year-old daughter, Kasey Harvey, is coming off a yearlong battle with Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer.  Kasey underwent a very aggressive treatment plan that consisted of 42 straight weeks of Chemotherapy and 33 sessions of Proton Radiation and is now officially in remission. Kasey was the first to be on the receiving end of Savvy Giving by Design’s generosity and Susan’s experience and strong desire to pay it forward makes her the perfect person to assist future SGBD families in navigating the process.”


Marla Vandling

Board Member

Marla has enjoyed a 10 year volunteering career and is honored to dedicate her time and energy to Savvy Giving by Design. Her interest in SGBD started as a Savvy Giver and progressed to helping design and install spaces. She brings new ideas and enthusiasm to SGBD and is thrilled to do what she can to help SGBD’s families. When not volunteering or enjoying yoga and golf, Marla can be found on either the soccer field or in the baseball bleachers cheering on her two teenage kids, Abby and Matthew.

Randee Kuehler

Board Member

I am in awe of the strength and resilience of these young children and their families. My hope is to bring them joy, comfort and caring in an environment conducive to the optimal healing of body and mind.”

Randee started her professional life as a critical care nurse in a Surgical Intensive Care Unit specializing in trauma and post-op cardiovascular surgery. After earning an MBA, she transitioned to sales at pharmaceutical and medical companies. Having recently become an “empty nester,” Randeedecided it was the perfect time to step up her involvement with SGBD.


Jacki Lake

Board Member

"One of my mottos in life (thanks to the great Maya Angelou) is to “be someone.”  Whether it’s in your family, work, church or community, I think it’s important to step up and be someone who makes a difference in other people’s lives.  Big or small, doing anything that makes others feel good or makes our world a better place is definitely something to strive for."

Jacki has always been happiest expressing her creativity. As the owner of Lake House Designs, she turned her love of all things handwritten into a small, hand-painted sign business. She also works part-time as a home stylist for a local staging business in San Diego. Jacki’s 20+ years of philanthropic work and volunteer background have allowed her to focus on her passion of making a difference in the lives of others. SGBD was a perfect fit for her to continue to pay it forward as she and her husband became empty nesters. Jacki is married to her college sweetheart, Jeff, and is the proud mama to their grown son and daughter.