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Turning 3 in November, this strong and sweet, brave little girl is fighting Neuroblastoma, a complicated tumor in her neck. Just diagnosed on July 28, 2018, Trinity has already begun the tough fight.

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In the words of her Mom, Skyla, “One word by Trinity's doctors today and our world shattered. One word and our hearts broke into a million pieces. One word has forever changed our lives.....Cancer. “ What started as some small swelling in her neck led Trinity to the doctor, where very quickly her life was transformed into a whirlwind of doctors appointments, tests and hospitalizations. When we met this 2 ½ year old, princess-loving, bundle of joy, we were immediately welcomed into her current room and given the tour of some of her favorite things. Her bright smile and giant hugs highlight an inner joy that shines throughout even as she fights Neuroblastoma.

Trinity has already completed two rounds of chemo and had a blood transfusion. Chemo has already stolen all of her hair and her latest tests show the tumor is currently inoperable as it presents too much risk to surgically remove it at this time. She will continue chemo and will have a full body scan in November to assess how the cancer is responding to the treatment.

Trinity shares a room with her sisters, Cierra, 4 and Anastasia, 1. At Savvy Giving by Design, Tampa, we are thrilled to be invited into Trinity’s home to create a dreamy space where she can rest and heal, and make memories with her sisters and family. Please consider contributing to our project as we design the most beautiful rooms, full of sparkle and love, for these sweet princesses.



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