Savvy Giving by Design
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What is the Affiliate Designer Program?


As word of Savvy Giving by Design's mission and impact has spread, we have received several inquiries from designers who wish to replicate our efforts in their own communities. Kind-hearted an generous designers from Alabama, Indiana, Texas, Florida, New England, and everywhere in between have reached out to us to see if we would be willing to share our brand and guide them as they grow their own silent army of Savvy Givers.

We are carefully and responsibly considering expanding Savvy Giving by Design's reach so that more deserving children can experience the joy that these room makeovers bring. We remain committed to our standards of excellence and care and believe wholeheartedly that "slow and steady" growth will serve both the organization and the children we seek to help in the best way possible. 

Please check back here regularly for updates on the steps we are taking to put smiles on faces across the entire United States!